7 BEST Brooklyn Pizza Spots That’ll Keep You Coming Back!

7 BEST Brooklyn Pizza Spots That’ll Keep You Coming Back!

When it comes to pizza, few places can rival the diverse and mouthwatering offerings found in Brooklyn, New York. This vibrant borough is known for its rich culinary scene, and pizza enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with an abundance of delicious pizzerias. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we’ve curated a list of 10 must-try Brooklyn pizza spots that will leave you coming back for more. From classic New York-style slices to innovative gourmet creations, get ready to embark on a pizza journey through the borough that never sleeps!

Certainly! I understand your love for Brooklyn and its famous pizza slices. Even though you now reside in New Jersey, it’s great to hear that you still make regular trips to your old neighborhood to indulge in your favorite Brooklyn pizza joints and explore new ones. Brooklyn is renowned for its diverse and delicious pizza scene, so there’s always something exciting to discover. Whether you’re craving a classic New York-style slice or exploring unique artisanal pizzerias, Brooklyn has it all. The borough’s rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions make it a pizza lover’s paradise. So, enjoy your visits back to Brooklyn and continue savoring the best pizza slices the borough has to offer!

1-Di Fara Pizza:

Located in Midwood, Di Fara is a legendary pizzeria known for its classic New York-style slices. The pizza is made by hand and cooked to perfection.

Since its establishment in 1965 by Italian transplant Domenico (Dom) De Marco, Di Fara has epitomized a lifelong passion and dedication for over half a century. Devoting himself to his craft, De Marco worked tirelessly seven days a week, unwavering in his pursuit to create the finest pizza in Brooklyn.

Following his unfortunate passing in March 2022, an outpouring of support and affection flooded Di Fara’s social media pages from New Yorkers far and wide. The impact that Di Fara has had on the neighborhood and the city of New York as a whole is undeniably palpable.

De Marco’s children have valiantly carried on his legacy, faithfully upholding the tradition of serving the most renowned pizza in Brooklyn. The pizzeria remains as bustling as ever, notorious for its enduringly long queues.

Nearly every ingredient utilized at Di Fara is sourced directly from Italy, ensuring an authentic experience. Each pie is adorned with their signature freshly cut basil, contributing to its distinctive and extraordinary flavor. Many aficionados credit the liberal drizzle of olive oil that adorns each pie, both before and after it emerges from the oven, as the secret behind its unparalleled taste.

Téléphone : +1 718-258-1367



2-Juliana’s Pizza:

Found in DUMBO, Juliana’s is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their coal-fired brick oven pizzas have a thin, crispy crust and a range of delicious toppings.

Juliana’s Pizza holds a rich history and is situated in a noteworthy location. It is a renowned pizzeria nestled in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The story of Juliana’s Pizza can be traced back to the legendary Grimaldi’s, a pizza institution that was established in 1990 by Patsy Grimaldi. Patsy, a renowned pizza maker, operated the pizzeria under his own name until he retired in 1998. However, the love for pizza never left him.

In 2012, Patsy Grimaldi’s passion for crafting exceptional pizza reignited, and he decided to open a new pizzeria. This time, he named it Juliana’s, paying homage to his mother, who inspired his lifelong dedication to perfecting the art of pizza-making.

The location of Juliana’s is a part of its charm. It is situated in the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood, which is famous for its stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. The pizzeria itself is housed in a historic building that exudes a classic, old-world ambiance, adding to the overall experience.

At Juliana’s, patrons can savor coal-fired brick oven pizzas, renowned for their thin, crispy crust and an array of delicious toppings. The combination of Patsy Grimaldi’s expertise, the unique location, and the rich history behind Juliana’s Pizza make it a cherished destination for pizza enthusiasts, locals, and tourists alike.

Address: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Téléphone : +1 718-596-6700


3-Lucali :

Situated in Carroll Gardens, Lucali is known for its simple yet mouthwatering pizzas. The dough is made fresh daily, and the toppings are always fresh and flavorful.

Lucali is an esteemed pizzeria with a captivating history and a notable location. It is situated in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Lucali’s story begins with Mark Iacono, who transformed a former local candy store into a celebrated pizza destination in 2006. Mark’s passion for pizza-making was inspired by his family’s Italian roots and his own experiences growing up in Brooklyn.

What sets Lucali apart is its commitment to simplicity and quality. The menu features a limited selection of pizzas and calzones, allowing the focus to remain on perfecting each item. The dough is made by hand, and the ingredients used are meticulously sourced to ensure exceptional flavors.

The interior of Lucali exudes a charming and cozy atmosphere, with candlelit tables and a rustic aesthetic. The pizzeria has gained a reputation for its long queues and limited seating, adding to the allure and anticipation of the dining experience.

Lucali’s success can be attributed not only to its delectable pizzas but also to Mark Iacono’s dedication and craftsmanship. His unwavering commitment to his craft has earned Lucali a devoted following, with patrons flocking from near and far to indulge in the mouthwatering creations.

The location of Lucali in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood contributes to its appeal. Carroll Gardens is known for its tree-lined streets, brownstone houses, and a vibrant community atmosphere. It provides a welcoming backdrop for Lucali, attracting both local residents and visitors eager to savor its renowned pizzas.

In summary, Lucali’s historical journey, marked by Mark Iacono’s passion and the pizzeria’s focus on simplicity and quality, has made it a beloved establishment in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. Its inviting atmosphere and delicious offerings continue to captivate pizza enthusiasts, making Lucali a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

Adresse : 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, États-Unis

Téléphone : +1 718-858-4086




Roberta’s is a renowned pizzeria with a fascinating history and an intriguing location. It is situated in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Founded in 2008 by Chris Parachini, Brandon Hoy, and Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta’s quickly became a culinary sensation. What started as a small pizza joint in a converted garage grew into a bustling restaurant known for its innovative and delectable pizzas.

Roberta’s gained acclaim not only for its mouthwatering pizza creations but also for its commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant established its own urban garden on-site, cultivating fresh produce to incorporate into their dishes. This farm-to-table approach added a unique and sustainable touch to their culinary offerings.

The location of Roberta’s in the vibrant Bushwick neighborhood contributes to its allure. Bushwick is known for its thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries and street art adorning the area. The restaurant itself is housed in a converted industrial space, adding an eclectic and trendy ambiance to the dining experience.

Over the years, Roberta’s has garnered a devoted following, attracting both local residents and food enthusiasts from around the world. Its success can be attributed to its commitment to culinary excellence, creative menu offerings, and the unique atmosphere it provides.

Beyond its pizzas, Roberta’s has expanded to include additional dining options such as a bakery, a tiki bar, and a rooftop garden. This has allowed the establishment to offer a diverse range of experiences to its patrons, catering to various tastes and preferences.

In summary, Roberta’s stands as a testament to culinary innovation and the vibrant spirit of the Bushwick neighborhood. Its rich history, focus on locally sourced ingredients, and distinctive location have established it as a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Brooklyn.

Adresse : 230 Park Ave, New York, NY 10169, États-Unis

Téléphone : +1 646-747-0820



5-Paulie Gee’s:

Located in Greenpoint, Paulie Gee’s is known for its wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas. The menu features a variety of interesting toppings and flavor combinations.

Paulie Gee’s is a notable pizzeria with an intriguing history and distinctive location. It is situated in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Paulie Gee’s was established in 2010 by Paulie Giannone, a former IT professional with a passion for pizza. After discovering a wood-fired oven for sale, Paulie decided to pursue his dream of opening a pizzeria and embarked on a journey to perfect his craft.

The pizzeria quickly gained recognition for its artisanal, Neapolitan-style pizzas with creative and unconventional toppings. Paulie Gee’s menu features a variety of unique combinations, from traditional favorites to inventive flavor profiles that cater to a range of tastes.

The interior of Paulie Gee’s is characterized by a cozy and rustic atmosphere, with a focus on communal dining. The restaurant exudes a warm and welcoming vibe, creating a convivial environment for guests to enjoy their pizzas.

Paulie Gee’s has become a beloved institution in Greenpoint, drawing locals and visitors alike. Its success can be attributed not only to the delicious pizzas but also to Paulie Giannone’s dedication to quality and his commitment to fostering a sense of community within the pizzeria.

The Greenpoint neighborhood provides an ideal backdrop for Paulie Gee’s. Known for its vibrant and artistic community, Greenpoint offers a unique blend of industrial charm and trendy establishments. Paulie Gee’s stands as a cherished culinary gem in this lively neighborhood, attracting pizza enthusiasts from near and far.

In addition to the original location in Greenpoint, Paulie Gee’s has expanded to include several other locations, including locations in Miami and Chicago. This expansion has allowed more people to savor the exceptional pizzas crafted by Paulie and his team.

To sum up, Paulie Gee’s is a testament to the passion and creativity of its founder, Paulie Giannone. Its rich history, commitment to artisanal pizzas, and prime location in Greenpoint have solidified its reputation as a must-visit destination for pizza lovers in Brooklyn and beyond.

Adresse : 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, États-Unis

Slice Shop Address: 110 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Téléphone : +1 347-987-3747

6-L&B Spumoni Gardens:

Famous for its Sicilian-style pizza, L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst offers thick, square slices with a signature sauce and cheese blend.

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a legendary establishment with a fascinating history and a distinctive location. It is situated in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The story of L&B Spumoni Gardens dates back to 1939 when Ludovico Barbati and his wife, Maria, founded the iconic pizzeria and ice cream parlor. They initially started as an ice cream shop but soon expanded their offerings to include pizza, creating a unique combination that would become synonymous with their name.

L&B Spumoni Gardens gained immense popularity for its Sicilian-style square pizzas, characterized by a thick, doughy crust topped with a tangy tomato sauce and a generous layer of mozzarella cheese. The pizzeria’s unique flavor profile and the quality of its ingredients made it an instant hit.

Aside from pizza, L&B Spumoni Gardens is renowned for its spumoni—a traditional Italian dessert made with layers of ice cream, candied fruits, and nuts. The indulgent and refreshing spumoni quickly became a signature treat, adding to the pizzeria’s charm.

The location of L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend adds to its allure. Gravesend is a historically rich neighborhood in Brooklyn, known for its tight-knit community and old-world charm. The pizzeria’s presence has become an integral part of the neighborhood’s fabric, attracting both locals and visitors who seek an authentic taste of Brooklyn’s culinary heritage.

Over the years, L&B Spumoni Gardens has remained a beloved institution, passed down through the Barbati family. Its continued success can be attributed to the dedication to tradition and the commitment to serving exceptional food.

The outdoor seating area at L&B Spumoni Gardens, with its red-and-white checkered tablecloths and bustling atmosphere, provides a casual and convivial dining experience. It has become a gathering place where families and friends come together to savor delicious pizza and enjoy the unique ambiance.

To summarize, L&B Spumoni Gardens stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Ludovico and Maria Barbati. Its rich history, renowned Sicilian-style pizza, and iconic location in Gravesend have solidified its status as a cherished institution in the Brooklyn culinary scene.

Address: 2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Téléphone : +1 718-449-1230



7-Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano:

A Coney Island institution, Totonno’s has been serving up traditional coal-fired pizzas since 1924. The thin crust and rich flavors make it a favorite among pizza enthusiasts.

Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano is a historic and revered establishment known for its rich history and traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. It is located in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Totonno’s was founded in 1924 by Anthony “Totonno” Pero, an Italian immigrant from Naples. Pero brought his family’s authentic pizza recipes and techniques to Brooklyn, creating a pizzeria that would become a local institution and a beloved culinary landmark.

The pizzeria’s storied history is intertwined with the neighborhood’s vibrant past, as Coney Island has long been a popular destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike. Totonno’s has remained a steadfast presence throughout the changing times, preserving the time-honored traditions of Neapolitan pizza-making.

Totonno’s is known for its thin-crust pizzas baked in a coal-fired brick oven, resulting in a beautifully charred crust and a harmonious blend of flavors. The toppings are simple yet carefully selected, allowing the quality of the ingredients to shine through.

Despite the passing of Anthony Pero, Totonno’s has continued to thrive under the guidance of subsequent generations of the Pero family. The pizzeria remains committed to preserving its heritage and upholding the standards set by its founder.

The location of Totonno’s in Coney Island adds to its allure. Coney Island, with its iconic boardwalk, amusement parks, and beachfront atmosphere, has long been a cultural hub. Totonno’s stands as a culinary gem in this vibrant neighborhood, attracting both locals and visitors who seek an authentic taste of classic Neapolitan pizza.

The interior of Totonno’s exudes a charming and nostalgic ambiance, with vintage photographs and memorabilia adorning the walls. It provides a timeless setting for patrons to savor their slices and soak in the pizzeria’s rich history.

In summary, Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano is a revered establishment that has stood the test of time. Its long and storied history, commitment to traditional Neapolitan pizza, and prime location in Coney Island have solidified its reputation as an essential destination for pizza enthusiasts seeking an authentic and memorable dining experience in Brooklyn.

Adresse : 1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, États-Unis

Téléphone : +1 718-372-8606



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